Yonatan Wolowelsky

Hello! I am Yonatan. I design things, build them and sometimes also eat them.
Currently I am working on Jiga, a YC-backed marketplace for hardware parts. Follow me on Twitter for more info.

Project: Spontix

How Spontaneous Can You Be?


Co-Founder, CTO, Branding, UX/UI, Full-Stack Development
Spontix was founded to help event producers maximise their tickets revenue by offering spontaneous customers last-minute tickets at a huge discount through our Android, iOS and Web apps.
Spontix is Israel's leading last-minute events tickets platform, with extensive events inventory and growing customer-base nation-wide.
Spontix was acquired by Guliver Group and merged into the local last-minute brand, "Hulyo". Now operating under the sub-brand "Hulyo Live".
Project: FindSimilar

E-Commerce At Scale


Labs R&D Team Leader
FindSimilar is E-Commerce marketing machine running on a very high scale. It aims to help online shops maximize revenue by optimise media buying.
I was responsible for planning, architecting and building the backend, frontend, database and devops services of FindSimilar according to business needs and leading a team of 3 developers while constantly growing with traffic and scale.
Today, FindSimilar has over 3 million monthly active users and it's processing over 1M$ MRR through media buying.
Project: Everyglobe

Personalized Travel Guide


UX Design and Frontend Development
The vision behind Everyglobe is to bring a new approach for travel guiding, planning and booking. We've implemented a travel preference engine to help our users get inspired about their next holiday destination, based on their personal preferences.
Project: Abend

Find The Best Party In Town

Abend App

Frontend and mobile development
Abend App crawls the internet and find the best events for you, based on your interest and Facebook friends. Always be up to date with the best parties and gigs in the neighborhood or when you travel.
Project: GhostScroll

Landing Page In Fifteen Minuets


Design, Development

GhostScroll is an über-simple theme for ghost.

Started as a semi-joke-semi-experiment about the fact that 90% of landing pages around the internet looks the same, so why not make it super-easy for people to kick off a landing page like this.

Seems like quite a few people liked this theme after all. Well, it's a quick landing page.

Project: Metso Calendar

UX Design For Heavy Industries

Metso Calendar

Concept, Design, Development

Metso Calendar is a prototype I've created as a UX trainee at metso R&D department in Tampere, Finland.

The vision of the project was to create a new task management system for employees and managers in hard heavy industries (mining, power-plants, etc), to replace the current oldschool-not-user-friendly one. In simpler words, our hypothesis was: "Hard working people deserve a kick-ass working UX".

I've worked and experimented together with super talented engineers on how we can translate real-time sensors into usable data.

Our next project here?

Let's build something awesome together

I would be honored to help or consult about web design and development, UX/UI, startup ideas kickstarting and share some great cooking recipes.

Though you can contact me through all the social links above, the best way to tell me how you feel is via old school email. Copy & paste it like we used to do back at the nineties. Yeah.

[email protected]